Mark Taylor
I have been drawing and painting since I was a child, nurtured by my mother's encouragement and interest in art. I used my study hall time in school to be in the art room and took every opportunity to go on field trips to museums and art events

In 1971 I attended Penn State University majoring in art, specifically painting. I then transferred to Rochester Institute of Technology, majoring in Industrial Environmental Design. These two schools fostered my interest in technology as applied to art.

After college I worked in a piano rebuilding shop in Rochester NY and have been tuning and repairing pianos for 40 years since. I had a full schedule of concert tuning for the SF Opera and music coaches

I moved to the Mendocino coast to paint in-between trips to the city. While there I was a member of the North Coast Artist Guild and participated in Studio Tour Shows, where I learned how to display art and to discuss art with buyers and was rewarded with many sales and private commissions. I painted from Big Sur to Humbolt, CA while continuing to tune pianos while on the road. I was represented by the Spindrift Gallery in Gualala, CA, where I had a solo show

I was awarded a grant by the George Sugarman Foundation, that allowed me to pursue the teaching of plain air painting to beginners by providing the necessary tools for the novice to begin making art without being overwhelmed. I provided the equipment and a step by step course to entice the beginners out to the coastal bluffs where we painted as a group

When the Hawaii dog quarantine laws were relaxed in 2004, I moved to Kaua'i with my partner Danny and our dog Tocky. The lure of all the beauty of the island seemed like a never ending source of inspirations for new artworks. So I traded Cypress trees for palms and a whole new color palette

The color woodblock prints are a result of my interest in the Arts & Crafts movement of the early 20th century, when this art form flourished in an distinctly American style. I have combined techniques of Japanese style printmaking with modern materials, oil based inks and a process of manipulating the inks to have the qualities of paintings. Thus each print varies and each print takes about 17 steps of printing to complete. I am working on more woodblock images that showcase the Kaua'i landscape's unique charms. They will form a cohesive group of the elements that make up our aina, a celebration of Kaua's beauty interpreted through the color woodblock medium.