George Eguchi
Painting from a natural palette, emotional expressions of nature emerge with an instinctive sense of color and balance. Thus begins a journey through the harmonious world of George Eguchi, revealing an eye for the unspoiled wonders of our world. He is an artist of contrasts; humble and reserved he has chosen a bold and direct painting style, using oils applied with a single palette knife. Though these paintings seem simple and straightforward they are rendered with chromatic complexity. The subject of each painting is laboriously depicted in terms of color, composition and the origin of light balanced with shadow.

Unspoiled by commercial convention, his paintings portray true, believable colors of the outdoors, manifesting the spirit of nature as the day unfolds. Magical moments hidden in the mist, mountains shrouded in clouds with valleys sun kissed. Trees and flower blossoms cascading in every shape and size. On distant horizons, a cool blue ocean meets soft sunny skies.

A lifelong native of Hawaii, George shares an innate love for his island home through his artwork. He pays homage to his mentors, Roy Tabora and Ed Furuike with his constant artistic evolution and consummate professionalism.