Evelin Kekesi
Born and raised in Hungary, Evelin Kekesi showed artistic prowess at an early age through her drawings on her family’s cabin walls. She received tremendous support from her family during her childhood years and took private drawing/painting lessons from renowned Hungarian artists. She attended a school in Budapest that specialized in artistic expression, where she studied fine art painting and art restoration. Upon graduating she moved to the USA.

Evelin first took up residence in New York and eventually moved to Southern California where she became a prolific muralist and fine artist creating art for many private homes and estates across the continent.

In 2010 Evelin moved to Hawaii, where she fell in love with the beauty of the islands and developed a reverence for the sea. Evelin renders images of beach life with tropical flare and unique color palette. Her paintings capture magic moments in the lives of beach goers and surfers. Painting, playing in the ocean and surfing are her passions; beach-side lifestyle, nature, tropical sceneries and palm trees are all inspirations for her paintings.