Arius Hopman
In 1940, Arius Hopman was born and raised in an artist family in Kashmir, India. His mother became a world renown artist who was commissioned to sculpt Mahatma Gandhi (twice from life, exhibited in the Smithsonian), the Shah of Iran (bronze equestrian 9' high), Prime Minister Nehru, Indira Gandhi, Maharajas, Lady Montessori and others. Arius grew up with paints and clay as his playthings and soon became proficient in both media. He studied art in college. In Japan, he learned to paint with a sumi brush and to capture the essence. In his professional life, he has sold art in Japan, Mexico, Europe, and in the USA. In 1985 Arius moved to Hawaii from Taos, NM.

On Kauai, Arius has dedicated himself to the mastery of watercolor and photography. In 1997 he opened the Arius Hopman Gallery in Hanapepe, Kauai. A rapid expansion of skill, volume and sales of work has ensued. Arius won an Acquisition Award from the State of Hawaii in 1996, and a Kauai Society of Artists Award in 1997. The Arius Hopman Gallery has served art lovers from 1997 to 2018.

Following tradition, landscapes are done mostly on location (plein aire painting) to capture an authentic rendering of the islands. Arius is an active outdoorsman and environmentalist. Outdoor watercoloring is an excellent focusing meditation that demands being fully present, not only because of the challenges of the medium, but also because it requires the artist to pay full attention to the actual-, rather than the conceptual projection. Each view has it’s own mood, tone, color, range, depth, flavor, and rhythm. Discovering and capturing these brings the paintings to life. “Formula painting” is intentionally avoided so that each work is experientially new; a true original.