Robert Miller ~ Mazzarella
During the late night hours, Mazzarella can be found perfecting his medium in his Kapaa studio. A self-taught painter and lover of fine art on canvas, Mazzarella engaged the experience and wisdom of mentor Michael J. Tapp. Now looking back on a career that spans nearly three decades, Mazzarella considers himself one of the lucky few undeterred in a world not set up for creative spirits with mercurial, solitary tendencies.

Fueled by desire to create a masterpiece, Mazzarella pours his psyche into each canvas, spending weeks refining details and purifying its overall tone. The result; Mazzarella has brought into existence a collection of work where depth, liveliness and brilliant colors deliver peace and awe.

The consummate professional, Mazzarella’s expressive paintings will continue to evolve over time. From seascapes and landscapes to brilliant underwater experiences, the possibility of something fresh and poetic from Mazzarella will only be a brush stroke away.

Hailing from Connecticut, Mazzarella has lived in Kauai for nearly thirty years and calls the Garden Isle home.