Lee Mannikko - Handcrafted Jewelry

Lee Mannikko

My glass sculptures are how I attempt to capture nature, specifically marine life in glass, which comes from my experiences while scuba diving in Hawaii. I have created a window to the underwater world in my ocean globes. I continue to push the capabilities of molten glass and my creativity to add more depth and character to each new piece. I currently blow and sculpt glass at a studio, in downtown Issaquah, Washington.

My jewelry pieces are largely organic in nature where I use a variety of materials such as gemstones (rough and cut), glass pieces I have made at the torch or by glass blowing with metal work. I find that wire wrapping and weaving suits my style and I use it in many of my pieces. I like to incorporate coral, pearls and sea glass with crystals or glass to continue the organic look and feel for many of my works. I design and make each piece by hand in my studio.

As an artist, I bring over 30 years of experience in sculpting to my works, perfecting my techniques in multi media, which includes both glass and metals. I am also a teacher of hot glass techniques and professional jewelry making. I earned my BS and MS degrees at the University of Washington.

Many of my pieces are in private collections across the world. I also support several galleries on the west coast and in Hawaii. I am a relocated Hawaiian resident that has never lost my love for the beauty of the islands where I spent much of my adult life.