Marveta Foutch
Born in Cheyenne Oklahoma to an early American tenant farmer, Marveta Anderson Foutch, knew early on that she was destined to express her passion for the beauty of this earth on canvas.

At the age of 12 her memories of the ocean influenced her desire to paint seascapes. Her first work of art was a seascape named ‘Evening Peace’, which she sold immediately to an eager collector in Southern California. It started her on a lifelong journey of joy and happiness as she creates each new piece of art. Her work clearly shows the passion for her craft by her meticulous attention to detail, which makes Marveta’s artwork distinctly recognizable.

In 1993 Marveta visited the Hawaiian Islands and has returned every year since. Finding the beauty that she had always wanted to capture on canvas, Marveta spends her summers in Hawaii sketching, painting, and photographing the islands. She then returns to her studio to complete the finishing details on each piece.