V Rae
Whether sailing Alaska coastal waters or snorkeling Kauai shores, V Rae chronicles natural life through bold expressions that leap from the canvas to your heart. Employing a startling fusion of color and negative space, V transports each personal encounter through time and space, sharing with the world her seamless blend of art, nature and individual personality.

Like Humpback whale, V migrates between Hawaii and Alaska each season painting from platforms frequented by her subject models. During the summer months in Alaska V is Artist In Residence at the Alaska SeaLife Center marine research and sanctuary. During the winter V captures the vibrant vitality of Kauai island life.

Schooled in art at Boise State University and mentored along a rich pathway of experience, V's popularity extends beyond Hawaii and Alaska as a growing body of V Rae expressions are featured in zoos, aquariums, national parks and galleries across the Continental United States.

Each year a portion of V's work is dedicated to wildlife preservation efforts that protect and sustain the natural tension between subsistence and conservation unique to Alaska and Hawaii.