Tracy Dudley
For the majority of my life, I've been connected to the ocean. Growing up in South Florida, summers and vacations were filled with sun and surf. After moving to Maui and years of windsurfing almost daily, traditional surfing became the new focus. Trips to Indo, Java, Mexico, Fiji and Tahiti further cemented the passion. Then . . . one night at a party in Haiku, a friend started talking about his addiction to SUPing (stand up paddle surfing). After hearing his stories, I had to try and was immediately hooked. For the last five years, I have spent almost every early morning at the beach paddling either the SUP board or my beloved Pueo OC1. 2-3 hours on the water and then back to the house to paint. The wave/water series evolved from the hours spent staring at the horizon, scanning the water for the swell and reading the surface movements. I close my eyes and see wave patterns and textures.