Lee Mannikko - Ocean Globes

I have a deep love of the ocean, from the golden beaches and blustery cliffs to the playful waves and awe inspiring richly colored sea creatures in the deep blue depths. I go to the ocean shore and watch the waves roll onto the beach, and in the surf I find the waves gentle motion sets my mind free to absorb the beauty of all my surroundings. When I dive, all the ocean life glides by me as the water gently envelops each of us in this underwater world and gives me a sense of peace that I do not find anywhere else. All of this is my muse and it gives me a natural euphoria that I can transcend to my art. I know that this is a very special place and in my art I try to bring that wonderland back by creating underwater glass scenes so that others can be transported there too. I sculpt hot glass in rich colors to convey my interpretation of the essence of this ocean world.

OCEAN GLOBE - Large with coral and jelly fish
4 1/4" x 4", Glass blown
OCEAN GLOBE - Aqua Jelly Fish
3" x 2 3/4", Blown Glass
OCEAN GLOBE - Coral with Blue Jelly Fish
2 5/8" x 3 1/8", Glass blown
OCEAN GLOBE - Coral with 2 Blue Jelly Fish
3" x 3 3/8", Glass blown
OCEAN GLOBE - Medium large with coral and blue jelly fish
3.1/2 x 3", Blown glass
OCEAN GLOBE - Floating Jelly Fish
2 1/4" x 3", Blown glass