Patrice Pendarvis

We are all born with the potential for individual expression. I am blessed with abundant energy to fulfill my desire to share my love of painting. Through the visual manifestation of my feelings I inject genuine life into my work, ultimately from nature, I embrace and captures the essence of my subject—whether its of the beauty and diversity of the Hawaiian islands, my home for over 40 years, or the excitement of my worldly travels. Watercolor is my primary medium, I passionately explore its compelling infinite possibilities yet challenging characteristics through traditional as well as abstract approaches - the results are masterpieces of light and pure spontaneity, always inviting the viewer to step into my paintings. My painting are ultimately the expression of my heart and soul, responding to the beauty around me, and my desire to share this with others. I strive to paint a world of wonder, color, and joyful respite. Aloha

Makana Tide
7.5" x 7.5", Watercolor Collage
9" x 7", Watercolor Collage
Poipu Coral
5" x 5", Watercolor on Yupo
Serenity Wai'ale
26" x 22", Watercolor collage
Ha`ena Tide
7" x 4", Watercolor on yupo
Hale Aloha
9" x 12", Watercolor on clayboard
Mo's Place
9" x 12", Watercolor
Na Pali Blue
9" x 12", Watercolor collage
Poipu Passage
15" x 22", Watercolor collage
Anini Wade
14" x 17", Watercolor collage
South Shore 9
12" x 9", Watercolor collage
Sunlit Nā Pali
24" x 18", Watercolor collage
Anini Nani
10" x 14", Watercolor pleinair
Waiohai Blue
22" x 16", Watercolor collage
Relaxing Day at Hanalei
8" x 10", Mixed media
Kauai Cove
5" x 5", Watercolor Collage
9" x 7", Watercolor Collage
Fun Day Fishing
12" x 9", Watercolor
Kukui'ula Wai
16" x 22", Watercolor collage
Na Pali Swim
12" x 22", Watercolor collage
Hidden Stream
8" x 8", Watercolor collage
River of Dreams
30" x 22", Watercolor Collage
Anini Glow
20" x 14", Watercolor collage on canvas
Majestic Na Pali
6" x 6", Watercolor collage
Colorful Anini
8" x 8", Watercolor collage
Shipwreck Reef
15" x 22", Watercolor collage
Shipwreck Colors
7" x 9", Watercolor collage
Ripe Papayas
13" x 19", Mix Media Original
Golden Hale by the Sea
7" x 9", Watercolor collage
Wailua Glimmer
30" x 22", Watercolor collage
Emerald Glow
20.5 x 12, Watercolor collage
12" x 9.5", Watercolor on yupo
11" x 14", Watercolor on yupo
15" x 21", Watercolor collage
Hidden Solitude
8" x 6", Watercolor collage
Emerald Dream
14" x 14", Watercolor Collage
A New Shore
8" x 8", Mix Media - Watercolor Collage
Hanakapiai Falls
&' x 5" , Mix Media Original
Shipwreck Point
8" x 8", Watercolor Collage