Mary Pettis

The more years that I paint, the more I realize that nearly everything I see in the world is taking on a patina of extraordinary beauty. Long gone are the days when I just try to paint what I see . . . the "retinal image" or the photographic imitation. I am inspired to paint what lies beyond the surface appearance. When I paint I truly feel, in the present moment, the great relations among all things. Every subject becomes a metaphor for something deeper and more intangible. I hope that those who view my work, whether briefly or for decades, will feel these sentiments. My inspiration is the hope I hold that my work will help spread peace, contemplation, tranquility and joy.

Kauai Carpet
20" x 24", Oil on linen
48" x 60", Oil
Full Orchestra
24" x 48", Oil
Sunsetting Moonrise
20" x 30", Oil
Hanalei Bay in Moonlight
30" x 40", Oil
60" x 48", Oil
Gift of Each Other
30" x 20", Oil
Kauai Grotto
20" x 24", Oil
Kauaiʻs Midas Touch
24" x 36", Oil
24" x 36", Oil
Nā Pali Rhythms
16" x 24", Oil
North Shore Mantra
24" x 48", Oil
Paradise Found—Kauai
36" x 24", Oil
16" x 20", Oil
Kauai Chapel—Puakuau Falls Sea Arch
16" x 20", Oil
Gracious Simplicity
16" x 16", Oil
20" x 30", Oil
Lavish Life
19" x 48", Oil
20" x 30", Oil
Nestled in Color
24" x 16", Oil
Plantation House
9" x 12", Oil
Red Tin Roof
9" x 12", Oil
Simple Splendor
16" x 16", Oil
30" x 20", Oil
Gentle Cove
16" x 24", Oil on linen
Light on Morning Waves
14" x 24", Oil on linen
Talking Story (Tree Tunnel Series)
30" x 20", Oil on linen
Song of Ages
24" x 32", Oil on linen
20" x 24", Oil on linen
Nestled In
24" x 16", Oil on linen
Island Memories
19" x 43", Oil
Under the Palms
20" x 16", Oil on linen
Wailua Falls Grace
28" x 18", Oil on linen
Walking this Path
24" x 16", Oil on linen
North Shore Rhythms
24" x 16", Oil on linen